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Function Button FormTypes

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Rasmus Jensen

    Added to internal todo but not yet planned for a specific release until more votes

  • Wendy Tranter


    A quick way would be after you created the first button, you export it, then in the other form you import the same file.  After you import it, you need only to change the formtype to the current one and then you can use.  It will only take 2 seconds to it.

  • SSP Support UK

    Hi Wendy,

    I agree that is definitely an option, however it would still be easier to have the option to deploy a button from one screen to multiple forms.  It would also make any changes required in the future easier to track.

    This would just be replicating the function on the Validation set up screen.


  • Rasmus Jensen

    This feature request has been evaluated and based on our current roadmap/number of votes we are sorry to say that this request is not planned for the product.

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