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Dashboard error




  • Rasmus Jensen

    Hmm, not seen this one before. Is it on a dashboard you have created on your own or is it one of the out of the box dashboards?

    Also are you saying it only happen sometime (random) and sometimes the dashboard are displayed as expected?

  • Wendy Tranter

    Hi Antoine

    I have seen this before and it happens to me a couple of times.  Both times happened when the computer was low in resources when I had a few applications going.  I closed SAP and restarted it again and then everything is back to normal.

    Would you like keep an eye on next time when you have this error happens and see if it is like my case?  If yes, you may like to Add some more ram in your computer.

  • Antoine Tessier


    the message comes on both of them  : boyum out of the box dashboard and mine

    If msg comes, dashboards are not correctly displayed , they apprear whith non data, only "visual structure"


  • Jimmy Lahoud


    We are having the same issue on one of our customized dashboard, its giving the below error on the live system while its working fine on a test system.

    When we press on close then we are able to see the dashboards but not all of them

    I tried to delete it and recreate but same issue.

    Could you let us know the solution for this.

  • Rasmus Jensen

    As far as I can tell the error is with the SQL in the dashboard. Please try and extract the data and run it in MSQL Management Studio / SAP HANA Studio to find the issue

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