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Automatically save email and link to new quotation

Not planned



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    Naama Aharoni

    Hi Eva,

    Just to make sure I understand, would you like to have a kind of a button on the email window that will be called "create quotation" that will copy the information from the email and create a new quotation based on that?

    I believe this is very specific as each email will be written differently. So my question, what would be the logic of copying the email details into a quotation? How would the system know which details to pick up from the email into a new quotation?

    Thanks, Naama

  • Eva Walther

    I think the customer means, to automatically link the email to the quotation that is created from/after receiving this email and then if possible wants to automatically include a PDF of the email into the quotation email. So it is one document we deliver, PDF incl. quotation and as a page 2 the original E-Mail. I cannot imagine this is possible but wanted to make sure this is been checked.

  • Rasmus Jensen

    We are working on documents and that will get support for activities at some point but beyond that this is not planned

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