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BoM with 40 levels



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  • Martin Heigl

    We can't block this in the item master
    You create structure A1 with 20 Levels
    Then you create Structure A2 with 10 Levels and at level you unsert Structure A1 ...
    We can't block this.

    We can work with product configurator, Item Variants, can say: by order or by ware house and you can change all every time.
    This make no sense to check the max. Structure in the master data.

    But if you create Structure list or pre calculation or work order, we must check this otherwise we can have a recursive problem

    Example: if you have item A in item B and in item B is item A
    in this case you have A->B->A->B->A-B ....
    beas stop this recursive problem in Level 21

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