SAP Issues - UI API Server - Server is Down




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    JP Mendoza - Ozone IT
    Hi, We seem to be experiencing this error with one of our clients. Is there any answer to this error? what do we have to do to sort this out? Regards JP
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    Yaremi Miranda Lopez
    Hello Jun, unfortunatelly this B1UP error message is generated by SAP, we recommend that you contact SAP directly to solve this issue.
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    Lee Mark
    Jun: we get this error a lot as well, did you find a solution?
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    JP Mendoza - Ozone IT (Edited )

    Hi Lee What I have done is I deleted the SM_OBS_DLL located on the temp folder and then run SAP B1 to recreate that folder for it to apply the proper security permission. This seemed to have worked for me. Regards JP

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    Rasmus Wulff Jensen

    It also seem that finding all "SAP Business One.exe" on the machine (across all users) and killing them with Task Manager resolves the issue in some cases instead of restarting the entire server

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    Michael Herrmann

    Just checking in to see if there are any updates on this issue?



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    Gregg Goede

    I too am having a problem with this error while performing a reinstallation. Only one user affected so far.

    Have not restarted server yet. Will also try Jun method

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